Are your Adult Children living with you? Affordable alternative for Multi-Gen Living!

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Our Philosophy for Today's Buyers

You Deserve to Maximize Your Retirement Years!

After working a lifetime supporting your family, its now time to enjoy these Golden Years! Whether you are looking to Retire, Downsize or even need a bigger home for Multi-Generational Family living, Our Goal is to assist you in making your Dream Home a Reality! 

Why do people pay all cash for homes? Simple, they DO NOT want a Mortgage Payment. They want to leave their Heirs a sizable Asset. They simply want to own their home outright. 

Would you be interested in being able to purchase a home with ONLY a minimum of 60% or less down, and NEVER have a Mortgage Payment? What would or could YOU do with the extra Cash in your pocket? Re-invest those funds, give some to your Children, etc...

Sounds too good to be true? 

More Purchasing Power & Options

In today's Real Estate Market, our inventory of homes is quickly diminishing. making it harder and harder to find your Perfect Home to meet your lifestyle needs. We would like to give you another Purchasing Option AND help Maximize your Assets! 

This Government Program, called a HECM, will give you more purchasing power!

For Example:

You can purchase a Home with 60% or less down & NEVER have a Mortgage Payment.

Home Price $150k, buy with  only $90k CASH-No Mtg Payments.

Home Price $300k, buy with only $180k CASH-No Mtg Payments.

Home Price $450k, buy with only $270k CASH-No Mtg Payments.

Home Price $600k, buy with only $360k CASH-No Mtg Payments.

Does This Make Sense for Me?

It's very simple and makes sense for Only Home Buyers whom:

-Need to Purchase a larger home, (i.e., extra bedroom for Grandkids, Parent..), but only have a Limited amount of cash.

-Looking to downsize, purchase a New Home, and have more cash in their pockets for diversification and allocations.

-Are Living with their Adult Children and Grandkids.

-Are Renting simply because they do not want a high mortgage payment.

What Happens If:

When my spouse or myself passes away? If your both on the HECM, you can stay in the home until the last owner passes away. At that point, Your Heir's will have 12 months to sell the property. Should the property sell more than what the loan is worth, the proceeds will go directly to them or Your Estate.

The Property is worth less than the loan balance when I pass away or need to sell? This is a Non-Recourse HECM Loan, meaning that they have insurance to cover any potential losses. Your heir's nor Estate will NOT be responsible for the difference. 

Remember you have already put a substantial amount down. Our Studies show, at an Approximate Annual  Home Appreciation Rate of 3% and a 5% HECM loan rate, it would take 20 years for the loan to catch up to the home value!

What is not to like? You have the same monthly expenses that you would owning a home outright!  Only difference is  you have more cash in your pocket NOW for Asset Diversification & more Buying Power NOW!


-You must be 62 years or older.

-The property must be purchased with all cash.

-The Home must be your Primary Residence.

-An Appraisal will be ordered.

-You cannot have another FHA Loan.

-Not based on Credit Scores, however a credit report will be run to ascertain that you can pay the property taxes, HOA, and Homeowners Insurance.

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